In the last few years we have read and learned about the ill effects of “Helicopter Parents” (over) protecting their child’s self-esteem.  Just recently, we have been introduced to the idea of “tough parenting” as advocated by Tiger Mom Amy Chua.

As always, the pendulum swings from one extreme to the other, while the real answers and healthy approaches to successful parenting reside in the healthy valley between over-indulgent and tough parenting.  That is why every parent should read the no-nonsense straightforward parenting manual “Raising a Successful Child” by Dr, Mark McKee.

This brilliant parenting book introduces parents to the idea of a balanced life for a child—work and play are equally important at all stages of development.   Underlying his strong conviction for a balanced life, Dr. McKee’s book is an easy-to-follow road map to help both child and parent develop a healthy, loving, and, yes , successful life.  For parents who are looking for answers amidst the clutter of extremes, “Raising a Successful Child (The Manual)” is a must-read book.

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