Jennifer Duff Book Review

“In his book, Raising A Successful Child, Dr. M. Mark McKee utilizes current research in infant mental health and child development, as well as over 30 years of clinical experience to provide parents with tools to raising a self-sufficient and well adjusted child. Written in a concise and practical manner, Dr. McKee’s manual provides a road map to guide and direct parents in providing a positive foundation from which their child can develop into a healthy and successful adult. Raising A Successful Child is based on what parents should be doing, rather than those things they should avoid and provides parents with valuable tips to building a positive, playful, and mutually satisfying relationship with their child. Dr. McKee also provides a wealth of information regarding effective discipline practices and highlights parents’ role in helping their child to develop self-control and internal management abilities. This written manual is reflective of the professionalism, breadth of knowledge, and nurturance that Dr. McKee provides the patients within his own clinical practice.”

– Jennifer Duff, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Child  Psychologist