The Book

“For parents who are looking for answers amidst the clutter of extremes, ‘Raising a Successful Child (The Manual)’ is a must-read book.”
– Ben Hebebrand, Head of School Quest Academy

What’s the secret behind raising children to become successful, self-sufficient, and well-adjusted adults?

As a parent, you must be prepared to spend time, energy, and love in building a healthy relationship with your offspring, says Dr. Mark McKee, in order to provide the support, encouragement, and direction they need during each phase of their mental, social, and emotional development.

Raising a Successful Child (The Manual) was created to address the forward-looking and productive aspects of childrearing, and rather than detailing what a parent should avoid, this concise, constructive, and inspirational guide will show you how to:

  • Build a positive relationship with your infant or toddler
  • Establish a playful relationship
  • Develop better parenting behaviors
  • Maintain a positive, mutually satisfying relationship
  • Use discipline to help your child develop self-discipline

By helping you establish a roadmap right from the very beginning, this is the manual every new or expectant parent has been waiting for.